Innovative Silver Jewelry Designs Are The Future

Silver jewelry has long since established itself as the semi-precious metal of the future and jewelry makers around the globe have voted silver to be the most suited material for crafting jewelry simply because it is not only extremely affordable but it is also quite a stylish metal and this shows once a jewelry piece is made from it. However, as time goes, there is a demand for more and more innovative designs and the older designs fall out of fashion pretty quickly in a few years. Hence, the best designers of jewelry usually innovate so that they are able to get a good following for their designs.

Innovations in the jewelry industry mean that designers use materials from a wide range of sources from wood to resin. Creative jewelry designers are able to mix and match materials whose textures and colors complement each other beautifully to form a brilliant end product. However, it has to be noted that a creative creation is not a cheap one so unless the designer is relatively unknown and you have the good luck to find her or him, you will have to spend quite a bit to own this kind of jewelry which is unique and meticulously crafted. Silver is coupled with other antique metals like brass too which give it the ancient, burnished kind of look that is very classy as well. Such jewelry is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires that the buyer likes unconventional jewelry that not everyone would like.

As the topic of the article mentions, we feel the future of not just silver but jewelry itself is going to be one that values innovation and creativity more than the past century. This is because people in general are tired of seeing the same old fashions come into existence cyclically and would love to own jewelry that makes their friends and family gaze at their necks in admiration and desire. This is possible only if the designers who make affordable jewelry start creating jewelry that sparks the interest of people in different ways. The best way to do that would be through innovation and usage of as yet unused materials that would go a longer way in getting buyers interested in the jewelry piece rather than the same old jewelry designs made with minor changes.

Hence, the future of jewelry design is an interesting area to watch not only for women who are interested in buying jewelry for themselves but also for the men who are looking to gift their loved ones jewelry items. Only if they keep themselves informed of the latest fashions would they be able to impress their better halves and make them go speechless with joy and wonder at the creative look and feel of the gift they present them.

New Trends in Cremation Jewelry and Memorial Jewelry

There are so many interesting ways in which to honor a loved one or pet who has passed. One of the most popular and practical ways to memorialize our loved ones today is through memorial jewelry, or even cremation jewelry. While the terms can be interchangeable, they can also be used carefully to distinguish between jewelry that contains ashes and jewelry that have nothing to do with cremation, but rather commemorates a special someone.

Memorial jewelry can be a brooch, pin, necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet that has special significance. It can be a heart locket that one wears in memory of a loved one. It can be a bracelet whose links are formed in the shape of dog prints or dog bones, that serves as a constant reminder of a pet who has passed.

Memorial jewelry dates back centuries when people braided the hair of a loved one, which was incorporated into the design of the piece and actually served as a fastener, much like today’s chains or cords (as in the case of a necklace or bracelet). Subjects of Victorian portraits are often wearing memorial jewelry, as it was a common practice at that time. While hair is not usually used in the same way for today’s memorial jewelry designs, small locks of hair or fur are commonly incorporated into lockets or glass beads for today’s jewelry trends.

Cremation jewelry, on the other hand, does contain ashes. A myriad of styles is available to today’s consumer. Most funeral homes and many websites offer cremation jewelry. It often takes the form of a locket, or glass bead. Sophisticated jewelry design also incorporates the ashes in the design, whether under a glass front of a ring, bracelet, or necklace. For those who are not comfortable displaying the ashes, there are designs that incorporate the ashes clandestinely.

Companies that feature cremation jewelry usually send a small vial to the customer in which a small amount of ashes are added. The vial is then sent to the company for incorporation into the jewelry-making process. A customer who is uncomfortable with the handling of the ashes can request that this step is done by the funeral director or crematorium.

Today’s society is more transient than ever. Before cremation, it was customary for families and friends to visit a grave site. However, more and more people are being cremated, and many family members move away from their original hometowns due to job opportunities or lifestyle choices. Cremation and memorial jewelry enables one to carry the memory of a loved one close at all times. This trend will most definitely continue to grow as more options become available. It’s a very personal, reverent way to memorialize our beloved friends, families, or pets.

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