Types of Indian Jewelry Designs

Jewelry is a topic that interests every woman of every age group. A woman may enjoy donning the most exquisite attire and perfect makeup but it seems incomplete without jewelry that blends with it. Indian jewelry designs give the perfect finish to every woman, making her look irresistible. India is known for its history and the jewelry here reflects the story of each era. This is why you can find amazing variety here. Through this article we introduce you to some of the most famous types of Indian jewelry designs you can select from.

Gold jewelry has the simplest and most attractive jewelry designs. The yellow metal has inspired designers in the past and continues to do so every single day. The demand for the imitations of such designs is proof that they are liked even today. From huge conspicuous designs to light weight designs, gold jewelry comes in a variety of patterns. This form of jewelry is highly revered by Hindus who consider gold to be a symbol of prosperity. The shapes and designs change to match the likes of each generation. Of late, you find variations that come as gold jewelry imitations. These include use of enamels to add color to it. You can also find amazing light weight imitations that are designed for the woman of today.

Antique jewelry is another type of jewelry and comes with dull finish. This gives it a distinct appeal contributing to its popularity. Be it rings or necklaces, antique jewelry takes topmost place among Indian jewelry designs. The work in such ornaments personifies grandeur. They are easily among the highly priced jewelry for the same reason. Also, such jewelry does not enjoy mainstream production in the current day making them more sought after. If you have dreamt of donning antique jewelry just try out the impressive imitations in this style. They are designed to perfection with expert craftsmanship.

India is famous for its varied colors and culture. All the colors of the country seem to be wrapped into Kundan Jewelry. Easily called the gem among Indian jewelry designs, Kundan jewelry itself finds its identity because of the gem setting. This form of jewelry was celebrated during the rule of the Mughals and has gotten better with years of experience. One cannot help but notice the finesse in which the gems and gold foil are combined to create jewelry whose glitter can literally drench you in mirth. The imitations carry the same vibrancy though they are much lighter on your pockets.

When talking about jewelry with stones, it is hard to ignore Navratna jewelry. Navaratna jewelry has a major contribution towards Indian jewelry designs. As the name states, the specialty of this kind of jewelry is the use of nine different stones to make them. The stones represent the nine planets that govern the life of every human. It is believed that you invite good luck and ward off evils by wearing Navaratna Jewelry to appease the astrological planets that rule your life. The nine stones used for this jewelry include ruby, emerald, coral, pearl, sapphire, garnet, topaz and cats eye. Such jewelry looks exquisite and carries intricate designs that are its USP.

The Appeal of Handmade Jewelry Designs

All this fuss about handmade jewelry designs has a lot of people asking “what’s the big deal?” Well, how about the fact that this type of jewelry has been worn by everyone from the cavemen to royalty to the hottest Hollywood celebrities? Many men and women may not stop to think very much about the legacy and intimacy of handcrafted jewelry.

For the Love of Fashion

Others, however, have developed a very deep appreciation – even love – for handmade jewelry designs. When it comes to handmade jewelry, no two pieces are exactly the same. The same basic design and materials may have been used, but each and every piece has its very own style.

Avoid Fashion Faux Pas

Many women know firsthand how horrible it is to fall head over heels for a piece of jewelry and buy it only to see it on someone else just days later. This is one big problem associated with buying mass-produced jewelry. Buying handmade jewelry designs, on the other hand, ensures you will never see another person with the exact same thing. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing your jewelry has the added quality of human attention and was not fabricated by some machine.

Handmade Quality

These benefits of handmade jewelry designs also integrate a level of quality. Of course if a piece is created by a known and appreciated designer, you are also buying a work of art as well as quality jewelry. When you spot that perfect handcrafted piece, it feels as though it was created just for you!

Starting Out Small

Men and women who’ve never had the pleasure of buying handmade jewelry might be a bit intimidated by the selection and process. There are so many kinds of artisan jewelry and levels of quality, it may be hard to know where to start. First, start off buying from trusted designers and retailers. Always do your homework on a retailer before purchasing, to be sure they aren’t pawning off plastic junk as “golden art”. Look for customer reviews of the company and products they have for a better feel of their integrity.

From Classic Styles to Modern Designs

The most popular pieces to start off with are classy dangle earrings or hand crafted filigree bracelets. These can be delicate and classy designs which go with any ensemble, of funky and modern designs for a specific style. These offer the same handmade quality, but are a bit understated. They allow you the luxury of handcrafted pieces to start you love affair the right way.

Break Free of Mass Production

In this enlightened age of the Internet, there’s simply no reason for any woman to be forced into buying mass produced machine made jewelry. Each and every woman has the right to feel special and wear quality jewelry!