The Burdens of Owning Custom Design Jewelry

If you are lucky enough to own a gorgeous piece of custom design jewelry, then you will completely understand how much of a luxury that is. You have probably gotten used to the compliments by now and you will probably never get tired of hearing them. Owning such a unique and gorgeous piece of jewelry comes along with some responsibility though.

First and foremost, you must get your one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry insured! This is certainly the most important part of owning such a unique piece of jewelry. Since you cannot simply go back to the jewelry store and buy another one out of the case, it would be wise to have the item appraised (which is sometimes a free service depending on who designs and fabricates the item) so you can make sure you receive enough money from the insurance company to have the ring made from scratch again. These things take time, too. Remember, it will take a few weeks to get all of the stones and metals for your item before they can even begin making a new one. Jewelers who do custom design jewelry are very good about keeping great records, so hopefully they will have the original computer animated drawings for them to refer back to when making the item again.

Another responsibility you have when you own such a unique piece of custom design jewelry is to entertain all questions about the item. People will have never seen anything like this item before, so they will want to have a somewhat long conversation about the item and the process of how it was made. This could happen when you are in a hurry to get your kids to soccer practice on time, or it could happen when you are running late for a meeting. You must not be rude to these people because this will likely be their very first impression of any custom jewelry designs. If you come off as snooty or too busy to answer their questions, it may turn them off from this wonderfully awesome experience, and we certainly do not want that.

Also, people think that just because they have never seen anything like your piece of jewelry that it must be extremely expensive. Custom design jewelry is rather affordable these days because it is gaining in popularity and software is making the process easier. It is your responsibility to inform them of these facts.